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Professional Accounting help

Gartly & Associates has been advising small business clients since the year 2000.

Our clients enjoy our combined many years of business experience offered through the company’s Director and our professional and enthusiastic staff.

We’re focused on being an exceptional accountancy practice that provides practical, affordable and professional accounting help and business advice to enable our clients grow their businesses, increase their personal wealth and gain more pleasure from their lives.

Gartly & Associates works with diverse businesses ranging from builders and property developers to IT and e-businesses, tradespeople, medical professionals, retailers, tourism and hospitality venues and more.

Gartly in a flash …..

Keeping Up To Date.  All our team are experts in their fields and maintain high-quality professional development programs to keep abreast of the latest business practices, government regulations, tax changes and developments.

Your Phone Calls.   We do their very best to return all calls by the end of the day, or if that isn’t possible, within twenty four hours.

Preserving Confidentiality.   Your affairs remain absolutely confidential. We keep your records for five years and then destroy what is no longer required.

Financial/Investment Advice.  Whilst we are not licensed financial advisers, we do have a network of trusted professionals and can refer you to one that would suit your needs.

Our Fees.   We charge according to the time spent on your work, establishing fees that ensure the best value for you and/or your business. At our initial interview we discuss fees and payment terms. While the time taken for basic calls and telephone chats may not be charged, where significant advice is given by phone, the call will be charged.

Using Your Software.  Our staff can use Xero, MYOB, Quicken, Quickbooks or Cash-flow Manager software. Our clients are often impressed to discover that, in most cases, we can also use industry-based software after a short tutorial from you.