Cashflow Planning & Management

Cashlow is the critical for the long term financial viability of the business!

As the business owner you need to know your in and out cashflow’s of the business

cashflow planning

Gartly & Associates can provide you with regular  reporting about your business and to assist you to understand what’s happening with your cashflow.

This information is as vital to business owners and managers as the air they breathe.

It’s critical information about the life of the business, not just for the owners and directors but also for potential providers of finance.

Our integrated profit and cash flow forecasting services include:

  • Preparing regular profit and cash flow forecasts for discussion with management.
  • Assisting your businesses to prepare reliable financial information.
  • Creating ‘what if’ models to assess the consequences of specific decisions.
  • Integrating Profit and Cash Flow forecasting into the regular planning process.
  • Comparing results, investigating material variances to budget and using ratio analysis.
  • Helping you manage your tax obligations against cashflow.

Using our tools, budget techniques and our Gartly Beyond Numbers Business Review Report ensures you know exactly what’s happening in your business.

Contact us, we are more than happy to discuss the options available to you.