Development & Construction Industry

Practical Business Advice for the Building Development and Construction Industry

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Gartly & Associates offer a range of specialised service for property developers, builders and contractors.  Our clients benefit from our ability to offer accounting, taxation and business advice tailored specifically for construction and related businesses – whether your business is engaged on a series of major projects, or just a single project.  We can help you manage the unforeseen traps, so you can concentrate your efforts on your large or small project.

If you’re a Builder we use our extensive building and construction industry knowledge to ensure you understand your financial position, meet Bank and Home Warranty Insurance obligations and obtain the most from your builders’ software.

If you’re a Property Developer, you certainly know that your business is not just about “location, location, location”.  At least as important is having a strong project and cashflow plan throughout your project/s.  We work with you on :

  • Initial planning
  • Advising on business structure
  • Planning tax and GST
  • Bookkeeping & accounts
  • Appraising cash flows & projects
  • The commencement phase and presales
  • Arranging finance
  • Dealing with suppliers, trades and the bank manager
  • Selling or keeping the finished project
  • Meeting your tax obligations from GST, Stamp Duty through to income tax.

Contact us to discuss the services we can provide in relation to your building situation.