Property Development

Accountancy Service for the Building Development & Construction Industry

Whether you are a property developer, contractor, sub contractor or a builder your business needs strategic planning and direction in order to reap the rewards of building for others or Property Development

Our business assists Builders in understanding their financial position, meeting Bank and Home Warranty Insurance obligations and obtaining the most from their builders software. Our experience in the building and construction industry enables us to understand the issues confronting builders in this tough but rewarding industry!

Property Development is not just about “location, location and location”, but rather about having a strong project and cashflow plan throughout the project. Your project will need to address areas from:

  • Initial planning
  • The commencement phase and presales
  • Arranging finance
  • Dealing with suppliers, trades and the bank manager
  • Selling or keeping the finished project
  • Meeting your tax obligations from GST, stamp duty through to income tax

Our clients have benefited from our ability to offer accounting, taxation and business advice tailored specifically for construction and related businesses. Our aim is to assist you manage the unforseen traps, so you can concentrate your efforts on building a successful livelihood.

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Our integrated construction industry services include:

  • Advising on business structure
  • Planning tax and GST
  • Bookkeeping & accounts
  • Appraising cash flows & projects
  • Assisting with finance applications and dealling with the Bank


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