SMSF help

Self Managed Superfund (SMSF setup)  –

take control of your retirement nest egg.

A well structured SMSF Setup can help you accumulate, manage and grow your assets for retirement.

Many of our clients enjoy the benefits of a well thought out retirement plan , using their family trust and SMSF

A Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) functions like any other superannuation product. It holds your retirement funds and invests on behalf of its members for their retirement. The key, however is that members act as Trustees and are in total control of the Funds strategy and are responsible to conduct the Fund correctly.

With greater control over our retirement funds  comes added responsibility with SMSF regulation but we at GARTLY are here to help you to ensure that as Trustees you apply the superannuation and taxation laws that apply to Superannuation Funds and their Trustees.

After an indepth discussion with you, if it is appropriate your  existing super held in Industry Funds can be easily rolled over in to your new SMSF. Your employer or business can contribute into you new Fund with ease.

In establishing the new SMSF issues such as Life insurance and use of Loans within the SMSF  can be discussed with you to make the right decisions and your build retirement nest egg.

As SMSF  setup accountants in Melbourne we will show you the steps to take to make this easily happen. Once your new SMSF is established you can take control and invest in arrange of investment opportunities such as :

  • Cash and   Bank term deposits
  • Listed  shares and equities,
  • Unit trusts/managed funds and Property

Small Businesses can also take advantage of purchasing Business Real Property, which can be rented for the Fund to your business. We can also assist you in establishing a property with borrowings within our Fund and ensure it meets the ATO establishment Trust rules.

We do not  provide financial advice for your SMSF, but the costs of consultations with Financial Planners are tax deductible and we can refer you to a Trusted Adviser if required.

At Gartly & Associates we complete all the yearly accounting needs and auditing and lodge the annual Fund Taxation Return for you. This is necessary to comply with superannuation and ATO law.

With new laws for SMSF Trustees face hefty penalties from the ATO if  SMSF breaches are made

When it comes to retirement, we can also assist you to understand when to take a lump sum, transition retirement strategy or an aged pension. 

In doing so we can ensure that your Deed complies with the current pension rules and also help with the necessary documentation that is required to implement the pension.

 Contact us to help you set up, manage and maintain a SMSF. Talk to Geoff 9597 9966. We are based in Melbourne Australia